About Pro-Video Services

15 Reasons why you should hire Pro Video as your videographer in Rhode Island:

1. Professional:
Your Wedding Day is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Do not ask a friend or a relative to videotape your special day.  You need the #1 Wedding Videographer in Rhode Island. It is possible that a friend or relative does not have the necessary skills needed to do a professional job.

2. Commitment:
The main objective of PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. is to provide the highest level of service to meet your requirements in a special way.

3. Reliable:
PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. is a corporation, not a one-man show. A staff of professional wedding videographers is available at all times to serve you.

4. Specialization:
PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. specializes in videotaping weddings.  We are the #1 wedding Videographer in Rhode Island company.

5. Keepsake:
With PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. working for you, you can be sure that you will have a quality DVD that will give you the opportunity to re-live your wedding day time and time again.

6. State-of-the-art Equipment:
PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. uses all the latest equipment for recording and editing.

7. Unobtrusive:
Guests, including the bride and groom, will not be aware that a videographer is among the crowd. We don't bother your guests by forcing them to "say something to the camera"

8. Experience:
As the #1 Videographer in Rhode Island company, PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. works well with everyone (Bride, Groom, Parents, Photographer, and Guests) to assure a trouble free day.

9. Foresight:
An experienced videographer will capture the special moments because being in the right place at the right time is important.

10. Quality:
PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. will use digital format to record your wedding day. This high-end format gives your DVD crisp, bright and colorful images.

11. Samples:
Inexperienced videographers seldom have examples of weddings they have videotaped, leaving you with little opportunity to evaluate what you will be getting.  The #1 Videographer in Rhode Island company has its demo ON-LINE! 

12. Creative:
PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. perfectly balances the use of special effects, giving your wedding DVD the uniqueness that you expect.

13. Reputation:
We have been videotaping special events for over 40 years. We are not a fly-by-night operation and we plan to continue our quality service through the next century.

14. Satisfaction:
We have thousands of satisfied customers. Ask to see our "thank you" cards and letters.

15. Affordable:
PRO-VIDEO SERVICES & PRODUCTIONS, INC. fees are less then our competition. We charge a minimum fee for our services and include 2 free copies for parents. Additional copies may be purchased for only $35.00 each. A


We are the #1 videographer in Rhode Island company. Over 4,100 satisfied customers with over 40 years of experience.

We have served customers throughout all of New England.

What is the #1 reason that customers have chosen us? It's our friendly yet unobtrusive approach.

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